Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Dito walang halloween... ANG CORNY!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Gusto kong matuto ng Adobe Photoshop at Adobe Flash
San lupalop ng earth naman ako kukuha ng oras para aralin yang mga yan
E thesis ko nga at certification ko nde ko na maasikaso, YAN PA?!?

Priorities Michelle... Priorities...

Lecheng Adobe yan.

Pero I always have time for blogging. Mwahahahah!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I am Shadowcat... Meeeaaawww... :]

You Are Shadowcat

You're like a little sister to some, but others see you as a sex kitten.

You are well trained in martial arts, a bit of a computer geek, and can totally kick butt.

Powers: the ability to "phase" through walls and other physical objects

Hmmm... I am not well trained in martial arts but still, I can definitely kick some butt.

Ann Michelle... What's in the name?


The boy's and girl's name Ann \a-nn\ is pronounced an. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "favored grace". Simplified form of Anne, the English form of Hannah. A name favored by royalty and commoners for centuries. Among the royal name bearers: two queens of England, a queen of France, an empress of Russia and, today, Princess Anne of England. Also made popular by L.M. Montogomery's story "Anne of Green Gables" (1908). Anna is the European form; Anya is Russian. Annie is a pet form; Anouk is a French pet form. Saint Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary); Anne Boleyn, Queen of England; ballerina Anna Pavlova; Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley; actresses Anouk Aimée, Anne Bancroft, Anne Heche, Anna Paquin; writer Ayn Rand; diarist Anne Frank; tennis player Anna Kournikova; golfer Annika Sorenstam.


The girl's name Michelle \m(i)-chelle, mich(el)-le\ is pronounced mee-SHELL. It is of French and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "who resembles God". Feminine form of Michael. A popular name when it was first used in the 1940s, and made even more so by the Beatles' famous song "Michelle" in the 1970s. Popular in Germany. Actresses Michelle Pfeiffer, Sara Michelle Gellar; singer Me'Shell N'Degé Ocello; figure skater Michelle Kwan.


Got this from Li-an's blog. I never really thought that my name "Michelle" has meaning... My dad was and is still a big fan of Beatles that's why my parents named me Michelle, which is taken from the Beatle's song, which goes like "Michelle Ma Belle" [meaning Michelle My Beautiful]... Ayus! I like that song kasi nga beautiful daw eh *flips hair*... Hahaha! Moreover, Michelle means "who resembles God". Hmmm... not sure about that though. Hahaha! And then I was also named after St. Ann kasi we were raised in Sta. Ana Manila. My 2 sisters also got Ann in their names... Ann Millaine and Danni Ann. My youngest sis Danni was raised in San Pedro, Laguna but since her 2 sisters got Ann on their names, my mom also put Ann as her second name.

Now I wonder if I myself will have kids, what names will I give them...
Hmmm... I think I already have few ideas but only for girl's names. Hehehe! I will just let Jay-ar to come up with guy's names.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunway Lagoon

I would really recommend this theme park to those who want to visit Malaysia. Ang daming pwedeng gawin kasi it has four parks (wet park, dry park, extreme park, and wildlife park). Sa wet park pwede mag swimming. Meron dun maraming pools with man-made waves and meron din man-made beach. Sa dry park, andun yung mga rides pero meron mga rides na nakakabasa. Super na-miss ko tlaga sumakay sa rollercoaster kaya tlagang nag enjoy ako. Pero mas na enjoy ko yung mga rides na nakakabasa. Hehehe! Tapos sa extreme park naman, andun yung mga motor trekking, paintball, jump for life, wall climbing, kayaking, shooting and others. Ang na try lang namin ay motor trekking, shooting at kayaking. Then sa wildlife park para lang syang mini zoo. Nde na kami pumasok dun, ang in-avail lang naming is yung dry/wet park plus extreme park. Tapos meron din dun na hanging bridge na doble yata ang haba kesa sa hanging bridge sa Sentosa. Nakakapagod lakarin. Anyways, here are some of our photos. Enjoy viewing!

For more pictures, visit my multiply site by clicking here.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Kain na Lang ng Kain...

Last night, Jay-ar & I ate our dinner at Fatty Crab Restaurant with his colleagues in Atos Origin Malaysia. We ordered fried rice, a very large fish cooked in ginger, BBQ chicken wings and a lot of fatty crabs. Yummy talaga. Kaya ako nananaba e. Hehehe! Kaya lang I forgot to take photos when the food was served so ayan, nung ubos ko na na-alala na pikturahan.
And then today, my officemate Joan treated us for lunch at the ChatterBox HK Resto in One Utama. Ask ko sya kung bat nya kami nilibre sabi nya wala lang daw, trip nya lang. Ayus Hehehe! I ordered Cheesy Baked Rice with Porkchop and Honey Lemon Drink. Grabe! Ang bigat sa tummy ng kinain ko. Cheese kasi kaya ayan, gabi na busog pa din ako! See photos below. Ako lang ang pinoy jan kaya nose bleed na naman ako. Hahaha! Tapos minsan kapag nag sasalita na sila ng kakaiba [mandarin, fukien or cantonese], si Joan ang dakilang translator ko [the girl in black]. Minsan naman kapag Malay ang salita nila, mejo naiintindihan ko ng konti so kahit papanu nakaka relate ako. At least my idea ako ng topic ng usapan. Hehe! Tapos minsan nag papanggap lang ako na naiintindihan ko sila kahit na I don't have even the slightest idea kung anu pinag uusapan nila. Nakikitawa na lang ako! Hahaha!
Ngayun kasi wala akong kasamang pinoy sa office. Umuwi silang lahat para ayusin ang employment pass nila for one year kaya mga locals ang kasa-kasama ko ngayun. Meron isang pinoy ako na kasama sa office ngayun kaya lang nde kami close. Hehehe! Unlike yung ibang pinoy na umuwi para ayusin ang EP nila, mga ka-close ko na sila... O feeling close lang kami sa isa't isa. Haaay! Sana bumalik na sila sa office kasi nose bleed na tlaga ako! Hehehe!

Tomorrow, we will go to Sunway Lagoon. It is one of the many theme parks here in KL. Na-miss ko na kasi mag rides e kaya I requested Jay-ar na mag theme park kami this weekend. I will post pictures soon.

Okay got to go na... Ciao!

"Quotable Quote"

Never ask for a lighter rain
Just pray for a ..... better umbrella.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Asteeeg :]

Sana walang makakita na officemates ko na I posted this kasi syempre confidential pa din to kahit papanu. Hehehe!

Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 10:08 AM
To: All Employees
From: Operations Manager
Subject: Company Internal/Department/Personnel/Announcement/Jackie Chan* - Operations Manager

Hi Everyone,

Please be advised that Jackie Chan has joined our company today as Operations Manager, based out of the KJ office. He will be reporting to me. Jackie will be in charge of department's operations in the areas of:

Professional Services
Project Management
Logistics & Credit Control
General Operations
L1, L2, Customer Care & AMC (for the time being)

Jackie’s email address is and his future direct line number is +999-9999999. His mobile number is +8888-8888888. In the interim, please contact him at my direct line +555-5555555 until he moves to his permanent desk after 12th Oct 2007.

Jackie will be in charge of department's operations in my absence.
Please extend a warm welcome to Jackie and please do include him in all emails pertaining to the above areas.


Warm regards,
Operations General Manager

After some time...

Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 4:51 PM
To: All Employees
From: Operations Manager
Subject: Company Internal/Department/Personnel/Announcement/Jackie Chan* - Operations Manager > Resigned

Hi All

Please be advised that Jackie Chan has resigned with immediate effect.


Warm regards,
Operations General Manager

Ang saya saya! Hehehe! Ask ko yung TL ko kung sya ang may hawak ng Shortest Employed sa aming company's Hall of Fame. Nde daw sya. May isang tao daw na ang first day nya sa office, yun din ang last day. Kinagabihan daw ng kanyang first day of work, nag send ng SMS sa boss nya (for one day) saying "I resign". Asteeeeg!!!

*Jackie Chan is not his real name. And some details were changed for confidentiality purposes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spinning Silhouette Illusion

Can you tell if the girl is spinning in clockwise or counter-clockwise? Some people see her going clockwise while others see it the opposite way while some say she is spinning both ways.
Nice trick huh?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumbledore is Gay?!?

Did Dumbledore, who believed in the prevailing power of love, ever fall in love himself?

JKR: My truthful answer to you… I always thought of Dumbledore as gay. [ovation.] … Dumbledore fell in love with Grindelwald, and that that added to his horror when Grindelwald showed himself to be what he was. To an extent, do we say it excused Dumbledore a little more because falling in love can blind us to an extend, but he met someone as brilliant as he was, and rather like Bellatrix he was very drawn to this brilliant person, and horribly, terribly let down by him. Yeah, that’s how i always saw Dumbledore. In fact, recently I was in a script read through for the sixth film, and they had Dumbledore saying a line to Harry early in the script saying I knew a girl once, whose hair… [laughter]. I had to write a little note in the margin and slide it along to the scriptwriter, “Dumbledore’s gay!” [laughter] “If I’d known it would make you so happy, I would have announced it years ago!”

Source: The Leaky Cauldron

Interesting huh?!
Did you know that Hannah Abbott and Neville Longbottom ended up together?
Can't get enough? For more HP relevelations click here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

FCS Annual Dinner

Our company, FCS Computer Systems had its annual dinner last August 17, 2007 in Saujana Hotel somewhere in Selangor state (Sorry, I forgot the exact place). Stupid me, I forgot to post the pictures. I was just reminded about it when I was browsing my files and saw the pics. Oh well, as they say... better late than never... right?!

For better view of the pictures, visit my multiply site by clicking here.

Henna Anyone?! :]

Jay-ar & I went to KL Sentral today to check out a wedding invitation store. On our way home, we saw a lady on the side of the road putting a hena tattoo on a girl. I saw her sign & her service costs only 5 ringgit. So I availed of the service and whoala! I got my hand painted with henna ink. Cool huh?
Ps. Pasensya na po sa pic ... gulo ng hair ko at super oily ng muka ko. Hahaha!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome to the Family

I have been maintaining 3 personal websites. Well, right now it's just two since I seldom visit my Friendster website due to lack of time. My Friendster account was my first personal website. As we all know, the good thing about friendster is the network. We can create network of friends thus it is another means of communication for our families and friends. I can say that Friendster really serves its purpose well.

Though after some time, there came a blog, which like Friendster was also a hit to people worldwide. There also came my blogger account. Hehehe!

Then came Multiply, which is for me the innovation of Friendster. This one is like Friendster and Blogspot in one. We can create a network of friends and families and at the same time we can upload photos, videos and music and we can also publish a blog. Then also came my Multiply account. Though as you can see in my Multiply account below, it is just purely for photo blogging & videos. I still keep my online diary here in Blogger.

And finally, I want to welcome my new personal website for my wedding updates. The addition to the family of my online accounts. Introducing my WeddingAnnouncer account.

This website contains all my updates regarding our wedding. Feel free to visit it and don't forget to sign on our guestbook okai? I also have account in and but I don't maintain them anymore. Ang dami kasi nakakahilo na. Hehehe! Maintaining these 4 accounts is never easy. So I really hope na nde na sya madagdagan, but who knows. If there is another online account that is nice to have then why not diba? Hehehe! Pero para din yang mga anak na dapat inaalagaan. Hehehe! Okay naman ang mga ganitong online accounts most especially to those people who have the time to do this kind of stuff. Para sakin, apat lang sobra sobra na... I even barely have time to maintain all four of them kaya si Friendster ko nag sa-suffer. Oh well, at the end of the day, it will all still come down to priorities or should i say, favorites.

That's it for now & until next post! Ciao!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick Leave

I still remember when I was still with Sunlife. Kapag nag si-sick leave ang mga tao dun, nde na kailangan ng medical certificate. Basta tatawag na lang ako kay Ces (boss ko) dati then sasabihin ko... masama pakiramdam ko then okay na yun. Sick leave na yun. We used to joke about it. Some people kasi, nag sasakit sakitan lang. Para lang magamit yung sick leave. Then a friend of mine made a justification about it. She said, I am SICK and tired of work so I took a sick leave. Hmmm... i thought she really had a point there.

And guess what?! I am on sick leave today. You read it right. Nasa bahay lang ako buong araw. Kasi may sakit ako kahapon pero okay na ko ngayun. So nag punta ako sa clinic last night to get some medicines and to get a medical certificate para ma credit yung leave ko from my sick leaves at makapag pahinga na din ngayun. Super dami ng medicines na binigay nila sakin! Meron for colds, fever, pain reliever, for sore throat and may anti-biotic pa. Buti na lang walang bayad. Hehehe! But as I've said okay na me ngayun. Actually, colds lang naman sakit ko. Mejo pinalala ko lang sa pamamagitan ng pag-arte. Hehehe! They bought it kaya eto bahay lang ako. Hahaha! Pero kidding aside, sabi sakin ng doctor may slight fever daw ako when she checked me up & I had a terrible headache due to colds. Buti na lang din hindi hectic ang trabaho ko. Nsa planning stage pa lang kasi kami ng isang major project & guess what again?! Ako ang gumagawa ng estimates! Waaah! Of all the things in project management, yun tlaga ang pinaka ayaw ko gawin at wala tlaga akong talent sa pag bibigay ng estimates noh! Ewan ko ba kung bat napaka irresponsible nung TL namin kasi naman, he should be the one doing that tapos sakin nya pa na-assign. Ay naku! Bahala na si batman.

Anyway... can you see the picture below? Well... another mini project ko ulit yan sa photoshop. Hehe! Ang babaw ko pero I am happy whenever I learn something new, even the smallest of things from photoshop. Ngayun, ang bago ko na namang trick na natutunan is to change the background color of a picture... See si sadako este ako lang ang colored dito sa picture na to. Yung background ko is color gray. O diba... Hehehe! Babaw ko noh... Another thing pa pala... Sa original picture maayus tlaga ang hair ko pero dito kita nyo naman ang gulo gulo na... Galing tlaga ang photoshop! Buy nyo? Hehehe!
Ayun lang... Wala naman tlaga me sasabihin kundi i-post lang na naka leave ako ngayun. Oo noh! Kailangan mai-post yun kasi first time in my FCS history na nag leave ako... Sayang, nde ko pa nalampasan ang 6 months bago mag leave. Hihihi! Oki lang din naman mag leave me kasi my blessing ako ng TL ko. Sabi nya sakin kahapon, mag leave na daw ako kasi naririnig nya ang mga singhot at ubo ko na tlaga naman ine-exag ko. Hahaha! Joke... Masama tlaga pakiramdam ko kahapon kasi naman 1 week ng nag uu-ulan dito. So ayun lang... Babush!

Just Around Bukit Bintang

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that my friend Eileen also known as SJ will be visiting Malaysia last week. Here are some of our photos. Sadly though nde natuloy ang plan namin na mag Genting at mag Aquaria kasi they have a packaged tour so wala kami time mag meet kundi sa gabi lang. So siguro next time na lang... But even though nde kami sa Genting nag punta, I still enjoyed her company.
From left to right: my friend eileen, her friend krishna and yours truly. Jay-ar was also with us kaya lang wala sya sa picture kasi sya ang aming dakilang photographer. We ate at my and Jay-ar's favorite hawker store. Yummy!

Then after eating, nag libot libot na lang then shopping around Bukit Bintang. Our last stop was Baskin&Robins in a newly opened mall, Pavillion.
The next day, Jay-ar and I tried a new resto in Times Square. We ate at Gasoline. Kakaiba syang kainan. Ang concept nya is parang Bed Space pero eto nde sya bed. Naka upo lang sa sahig parang Japanese style. The food was also good and hindi sya masyadong mahal. Medyo lang. Hehehe! See photos below.

For a better view on the pictures, visit my multiply site by clicking HERE.