Friday, September 28, 2007

Lets Talk About Food :]

This is Wanton Mee. So far, this is my favorite food here in Malaysia. It’s a fried noodle with soy sauce usually comes with pork, duck or chicken on top and broccoli leaves. This part is what they call the “Wanton”. It is usually served with a “Mee”. The Mee is the one with soup. It is ground pork covered with spring roll wrapper. In the Philippines, it is synonymous to a “Molo Soup”. But I think there is a slight difference with the way the ground pork is prepared.

My second favorite is the Cantonese Kuay Teow (read as kuwey-teyaw). Let me describe it the best way I can. It is also a noodle but this one is with thicker noodles usually served in a large plate (large serving). The noodle is a bit sweet and spicy. It comes with vegetables, seafoods and egg. I can say that this one is like a Knorr Soup (in the Philippines) with noodles and other ingredients inside.

This 3rd one is called Fried Kuay Teow. The noodles are the same as the Cantonese Kuay Teow but this one has no soup. As its name says, it is fried and is cooked with bean sprout, carrots, pork and some sauce and spices. It is usually spicy but we can request to lessen the chili.

Other foods here are mostly fried rice. In the Philippines, we eat fried rice together with a viand. Here, they eat fried rice without viand. We can request for a telur dardar [scrambled egg] to be served with it with additional payment [usually 50cents] or if we don’t want a scrambled egg, we can request to change it to telur mata [sunny side up egg]. There are varieties of fried rice here that we can choose from. It can be a nasi goreng udang [nasi=rice; goring=fried; udang=shrimp] or nasi goreng kampung [with anchovies] or other fried rice that they can think of. For me, Chinese foods are superb! They have one food called “Bakuteh” which is like Sinigang in the Philippines. There are varieties of Chinese foods that are available here. And what’s important is they serve pork. I think Pinoys cannot live without it. Jay-ar & I usually buy it in a wet market in China Town. One of my Pinoy colleagues always say, “Enjoy Life, Eat Pork!” Hehehe!

Most of the people here, usually Malays love curry. Sometimes, we will pass by a restaurant and the smell of the curry will stick on our shirts. And I think most of you already know that most of the foods here are spicy. So when we order food here, we always say “tak nak pardas” [no chili] to the waiter so that we can eat & enjoy our food.

When it comes to drinks, there are lots of good ones that we can order here. The most common is the “teh o ais limaw”. This is also common in the Philippines. Teh o ais limaw is the same as iced tea in the Philippines. Here they call it Iced Lemon Tea in English. They also have here the “teh ais”, which is an iced milk tea. I like this very much because it really tastes good & because it is not very common in the Philippines. Here in Malaysia, it is quite a common drink. If we want this milk tea to be hot and no ice, we should order a “teh tarik” instead of teh ais. They have different names depending if we want it to be served as hot or cold. Soft drinks are usually not patronized here. I think people here, especially Chinese folks, are more health conscious than us so isotonic drinks are more common here that cola drinks. The well-known isotonic drink here is called 100 plus. This isotonic drink is like a Gatorade that also comes with different flavors like lemon & orange. They also have the flavorless one & the clear colored one. But here, it is available in a 1.5 liter bottle. I haven’t tried the one with the clear color but my favorite flavor is lemon. So in our refrigerator, there is always a stock of 100 plus instead of Coke. But I have to admit that I am missing the taste of Coke already.

But even if I find Chinese foods nice, Filipino dishes are still number 1 for me. [syempre, love your own] that’s why I started to learn to cook here. When I was still in the Philippines, I don’t cook. I just eat. =] There were times that I would like to try to cook but I was defeated by my laziness. Moving here in Malaysia didn’t give me much of a choice. I had to learn how to cook. Had to learn it for myself and for my hubby. Otherwise, we will be eating the same old thing every now & then. Good thing though, it seems that the food fairy was guiding me in this learning process.

I can say that I was able to cook meals that I never thought I could cook. As of this writing, I already experienced cooking Pinakbet [Mixed Veggies with Bagoong], Sinigang na Baboy, Nilaga [any kind], Chopseuy, Pininyahang Manok [Pineapple Chicken], Pancit Bihon, Pork Steak, Giniling with Patatas, all kinds of Adobo [Pork, chicken, liver & sitaw [beans]], Tinolang Manok, Spaghetti, Ginataang Pusit & Others… My next target to cook is Menudo, which is a challenge for me because Jay-ar’s mom cooks a very delicious Menudo. Well, lets see. I’ll update you on my first attempt to cook Menudo. I’m actually excited about it. I’m always looking forward to learn new things.

Anyhoo... writing this post really made me hungry. So I got to go now to grab something to eat. Bon Appetite!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Network Problem

It has been 2 weeks since our entire network in the office is down. This is another way of saying we have no Internet connection & no work. Yes no work since I am so dependent on our network to do my development. At first they said that there has been a problem in our DHCP server, which is why we cannot obtain an IP address on both wired and wireless connection. Then after a few days they said that the root cause of the problem is the SYN FLOOD virus that has attacked our network. Because of this, the management even sent out a memo, which states that downloading of files from the web is now prohibited. And now from what I have heard recently, the problem is not actually due to a virus but some problems encountered in our DNS server.

Well whatever the problem really is, I hope it can be fixed soon. Right now, I was able to do this post due to my workaround connection. I am using a dial-up connection, and my dedicated 56kbps should be enough to do normal web browsing for yahoo, googling and of course blogging. I know I should be enjoying this scenario since all I am doing in the office for the whole day is Internet surfing. And this will last until such time that our network problem will be fixed and our network will return to its stable state. But I know that after everything is back to normal, I will be pressured & harassed due to the deadlines of my tasks. So you see, I really cannot enjoy this moment of my life while I know what lies ahead.

I was actually on the verge of installing a VMWare in my notebook so that I do not need to connect to our Linux Server to do my development. But VMWare takes a lot of resources like HD and RAM and my notebook, which is provided by the company, has only got the standard specs. Meaning, it will become really slow if I install this software in my notebook & my TL advised me to just wait for the network to go up. It’s as if it is going to happen soon. Oh my! I just hope so.

So tomorrow if the network is still down, it will be another day of Internet surfing! Wait!!! Did I just complain about all this?!? Oh cut the crap! I should enjoy it while it lasts right? Hehehe! I am so out of my mind right now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mitsikoy's Multiply

Got a new look for my Multiply. I made it the same as my blogspot. I use this for photos only coz I want to still keep my blogspot as my real blog. So if you want to check out my photos, just click here >>>

Friday, September 7, 2007

Overdue Post

But as they say, "better late than never right?"
So as I've said in my previous post, I am back in Malaysia and I just survived another week in the office. Our company has lots of chaos nowadays. And it gets worse everyday. Anyway, will just have to create another post for that because this post is dedicated for photos and my Philippines mini adventure. So here goes:

August 24: I flew back in Manila at 7:20 am. So imagine what time I was in the airport. It was so early, I had to wake up at 3 am. Anyway, I arrived at Clark Airport [airline was AirAsia] at 11:30 and I reached Manila around 3 pm [the bus from Clark Airport leaves at 12:30 pm] and I was at home about 4 pm. Basically, I spent my whole day traveling! For me, this is the bad thing about flying with AirAsia. The airport is so far from the Metro. But in spite of this, I still patronize AirAsia because of its cheap airfare. It’s also true that Cebu Pacific ‘sometimes’ has promotions. But most of the time AirAsia is cheaper than Ceb so most of the time, I fly with AirAsia. But if Ceb has promotions, I make sure that I will not let the opportunity pass. Hehehe!

When I reached home, I just ate coz I was freakin’ hungry already then after eating I go straight to All About Face at Torre Lorenzo [near De La Salle Manila] to have a relaxing facial. It had been three months since my last facial and face was already experiencing a pimple-attack.

August 25: I went to Calamba Laguna to visit my in-laws & to get some stuff/documents from Jay-ar’s house that we need for our wedding. Then mommy [mom-in-law] and I [with kuya Jeff as our driver] had a joy ride to Canlubang parishes to get some document requirements for our wedding. I was able to get jay-ar’s Birth, Baptismal and Confirmation certificates. As for my own document, I only have Birth and baptismal coz I am not yet confirmed as a Catholic. I am planning to have my confirmation here in Malaysia. I also get to see Jay-ar’s cute nephew’s, which are all litol cute rascals. Hehehe!

We bought them shoes as a present and I am glad they liked it although the shoes for his two nephews were still a bit big but that’s okay coz the shoes can wait for them. Better big than small.

August 26: This was Sunday so everybody was available to go to Laguna [our home town] to visit my first ever nephew – Baby G. We call him Baby G because his real name is Giann [and two more names]. He is such an angel and a very very cute baby. I cannot imagine that he belongs to Pau & Yeng. Hahaha! [Joke only, peace tyu!] Anyway, all I can say is that their genes are perfect for each other. [ayan ha, bawi ako!] By the way yeng, all photos are already uploaded in my Multiply site.

On this same day, after visiting baby Giann, we went to Festival Mall in Alabang. It was only mama, shobe, kuya EJ & myself went to the mall because Baby G can’t leave the house coz he’s too litol to do malling. And as you can see in the pic below, the young and the young at heart [ang bata at ang isip bata.. hahaha!] rode some stuff animal for fun.

August 27: This day was a Monday but it was a public holiday in the Philippines for the reason that I don’t remember anymore. All I know is that it was a good thing that this day was a holiday because the VLLMA met up to share their beauty to the world. (VLLM) were suppose to meet at the Beauty Bar [san pa?] in Glorietta but Louie overslept that day. Our initial plan was to eat lunch at Circles in Shangri La Makati courtesy of our big-time friend Louie. She just arrived to PH the night before so it was understandable why she was late. So the three of us [Van, Les & me] decided to wait for Louie in RedBox. Although we are in RedBox, it seemed that none of us wanted to sing because we were so busy telling stories. So we just used our private room to laugh out loud, shout, laugh again and roll over [just kidding, no one rolled over]

Louie joined us in RedBox after an hour or two. Then it was her turn to tell us her Zimbabwe escapades. We were only allowed to stay at RedBox for 3 hours so we headed to a spa for a relaxing manicure/pedicure and foot spa. It was so pampering.

Then around 6 pm, we went to Circles for a sumptuous dinner. I was so stuffed! We ate lots of seafoods, sweets, Japanese, Chinese, Indian delicacies, etc. Name it they got it. I can say that all of us were guilty of gluttony. But it was really a yummy experience. Thanks to Louie!

August 28: I went to Makati to settle some finances in BPI and PSI Bank. So again, the VLMA [this time, with A – Apple but lacking of one L - Leslie] met up for lunch. This is one of the major commonality [second to being pretty] between VILLMA – we all love to eat!

And as of this writing, Leslie is the only one who stays slim & we are actually planning on how we can make her ‘one of the rest of us’ as well... Hahaha! We ate at North Park along Ayala Avenue and we stuffed ourselves again & commit gluttony.

We still can't get enough so at night... Cafe Briton ...

August 29: I spent my whole day in the grocery to buy food that I can bring here in Malaysia. Local food here is usually spicy so whenever we go back in the Philippines, we make it a point that we bring a lot of food with us. Whether it’s a canned good, marinated meat, hotdog, tapa, etc. Even the Knorr cubes and Tamarind powder, we also bring from the Philippines because they have different spices here. Of course, we prefer the ‘lasang pinoy’ right?

This same day, I also met up with my gown tailor. & I was able to choose my motif color. Hurray! [meron na din sa wakas]. It’s pomelo & apple green. [see pic below]. The color combination reminds me of a cotton candy. The wedding will be on morning so cool colors are more advisable than darker colors, which are usually used during night. Well, that’s according to the tailor. VILLMA, I need your opinion regarding my chosen motif color.

And here is my chosen gown design:

August 30: This was my departure date. My flight was 8:50 pm so at morning, My mom & I went to Quezon avenue for some food tasting. [wala nang tigil sa pagkain!] We chose Henry’s as our wedding caterer because we have already tasted their food in the wedding of one of our friends. I hope our guests will find their food delicious as well as we did.

So that’s the ‘summary’ of my litol adventure in the Philippines with friends and families. Till next post. Ciao!

Shinampoo ko lang yan :]

Feeling model ba?! Pagbigyan nyo na, minsan lang naman e!

Our Window View

Little School Boy

Our kuya EJ is now a school boy. And he always go home from school with a star stamped on his palm, which says "very good". I'm so proud of our kuya. Namana yata ang talino ni ate!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Expecto Patronum :]

Know your Patronus here. Mine is a PHOENIX. Cool...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Anything But Ordinary Video

Avril Lavigne's Anything But Ordinary Song

Cutie Cute Cute

I just have to post this. Kamukang kamuka ng tita! Hehehe! Walang kokontra.
Blog ko to! Hihihi! 

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Panalona Natalopa

Pwede na pala mag post ng video from blogger. Hmmm... Ma-try nga ...

News Flash

I have lots of things to say & got lots of pictures to post but I barely have time to blog. So this will just do for the meantime.

1. I am back in Malaysia. Back to work. Back to reality. Back to being away from home. The only good thing there is I am also back in Jay-ar's arms.

2. Had fun during my short-time vacation in the Philippines. Can't get enough though. [will create a separate post, with lotsa pictures!]

3. My laptop crashed for the 1st time in history! So I reformatted it. Maybe just to remind me not to take it for granted. However, I had upgraded my RAM to 2 GIG [my laptop can now be used as a server!]... ohhh lala... Thanks to my financer, Jay-ar. Hehehe!

4. Got my hair rebonded. No actually, shinampoo ko lang yan at nakapangasawa ako ng mayaman. Thanks to Jay-ar again... My ever faithful, handsome financer. Hehehe! Again, will post pic when I get time to do it.

So I guess that's it for now. I promise to post lots of pics on the next post. Hehehe! Ciao for now!