Friday, February 27, 2009

Kasalan Video

Mabuhay! I have created (overdue) a slideshow of our wedding pics. Please note that the video and audio quality were purposely compressed for easier upload and playback. Enjoyzzz!!!

And some of my creative juices are flowing so I need an outlet. That is why I have created some digiscraps. Click the images for better and larger view.

New Things for Baby

Last Wednesday, it was sale in JUSCO. It is like the SM in the Philippines and we need to have a J Card (that's SM Advantage Card in the Philippines) before we can avail of the discounts. So I took advantage of the sale and bought some baby stuff that we were still lacking. Nakabili na din kami dati ng stroller. So as of this writing, crib at baby na lang ang kulang. Hehehe!

Bottle Warmer + Sterilizer

Breast Pump

Baby Pillow

Other Baby Stuff

Baby Bag

Haayyysss.. super excited na kami ni Jay-ar especially kapag namimili kami ng things for the baby. Alam nyo yung feeling kapag bata ka pa at start pa lang ng pasukan sa school tapos lahat ng gamit mo bago kaya super excited ka na pumasok, ganun ang na feel ko na excitement. Hahaha! Okay sa analogy noh...

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Life of Another Bummer Begins

One week to go and I have already gone thru the first month of my life as a bummer. Will be waiting for another month to expire and my mom-in-law will be joining the bummer club here in Malaysia. I have been looking forward to this actually, at least I have someone with me staying at home and there will be someone I can talk to. Unlike now, I am starting to get used to talking to myself and to the baby inside me. Then April comes and things will be starting to get so exciting. Jay-ar and I are going to be filled with anticipation coz April is my due month. When this little angel comes out from me, I guess nothing will be the same again. I will see life in a different perspective as a new chapter of Mitsikoy’s book starts.

Things are not as boring as it seems around here. I have been busy lately going back and forth to Philippine Embassy to run some errands like renewing my passport, having some documents notarized and requesting for certification letter. Another thing that’s keeping me busy is of course our downloaded series. Been watching 24, Top Chef, Heroes and Prison Break (Season Break?) lately. And there’s another series that Jay-ar is convincing me to watch – Merlin. Actually it surprised me sometimes on how time flies so fast. I have scheduled some worthy things to do during this long vacation but I mostly find myself watching TV rather than doing these things. Now my worry is that this whole bumming thing could be over before I know it and I did not do anything worth my while. Well, I hope not.

Okay now it’s time to give some quick recap on the things that had transpired after I got back here in Malaysia.

January 31, 2009 – Flight back to Malaysia

February 2, 2009 – Our First Church Wedding Anniversary. Guess who received the wonderful gift below? I didn’t have gift for him though. What can I do, I am currently jobless. Darn!

February 5, 2009 – Mom and Dad’s Wedding Anniversary. Cooked pansit bihon but it was not that good. I think I put too much water to the noodles.

February 6, 2009 – Sad day as dad went back to Saudi Arabia. I will miss him so much.

February 14, 2009 – Happy V-Day! We went to Prince Court Medical Center to have 4D ultrasound (see photo and video below) then headed to Pavillion Mall to celebrate V-day (ate at pancake house and watched Valkyrie). More 4D scan photos here.

February 19, 2009 – Went to my agent’s office to extend my visa. After I get my new passport, I will be renewing my working visa here.

Today – I made a banana crepe for our dessert. I liked it.

Tomorrow – Jay-ar and I will be going to the hospital for my glucose testing.

Well I guess that’s all for now. Next weekend, we are planning to have baby shower party though it is just still a plan. Hehehe!

Bye for now!