Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Ulit!

Uuwi kami sa pinas this coming Wednesday! Excited na ko! :) Chaka na ulit wento... :]

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Jay-ar and I were so thrilled when we found out that I am pregnant. Nung una, we didn't want to have false hopes kasi since February, we've been trying for a baby. Then during our executive check up in St. Luke's last July, we found out that I have hydrosalpinx. I was so frustrated when I found out and the OB from St. Luke's give me some antibiotic to take. She said if these antibiotics will not work, I need to be operated to remove the swollen part of my right fallopian tube. She gave me two sets of antibiotic that I need to take 1 week after my period. She also told us that even while I am taking the antibiotic, we can still try for a baby so that's what we did. I took the first set of antibiotic last week of July and my period for August didn't came. When I used a pregnancy test to check, IT WAS POSITIVE! Both of us are so happy!!!

I am having mixed emotions right now. Happy, worried and scared. But I don't want to think any negative thoughts. I just want to be positive that everything will be okay for my baby. When I learned that I am pregnant, I started to be impatient again. 9 months for me is too long. I want to see my baby already. Hehehe! But of course, we should complete and go thru the normal process. I am so excited and so happy to be pregnant! I will enjoy every minute of it and after 9 months, I can now hold and kiss my baby... Haaaay kaka-excite tlaga. I am starting to wonder now what will our baby look like. Anu kaya itsura pag pinag sama si Jay-ar at Michelle. Hehehe!!!

Please pray for me and for my baby. My worry now is that my hydrosalpinx will affect my baby coz even though the antibiotic that I took helped to make it smaller in size, the OB here from Malaysia, which we consulted this morning said that it is still there. But then what I need now is to be positive and hope for the best. I know and I am praying that everything will be okay... Basta excited na ko. Pati si Jay-ar gs2ng gs2 ng maging tatay! Hehehe! Pictures below:

These are the pregnancy tests I used when we were still trying. All of them are negative.

And this is the test that will change my life forever.

Here is the little being inside of me. The doctor said that the baby is now in 6 wks. So tiny noh. Hehehe!

Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing.