Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am now on Tumblr :)

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Note: I am not closing this blog. I love this blog so much and I cannot close it. I just created a tumblr blog because I can link it on my iPhone. :) So I will be updating this blog and my tumblr blog every once in a while so please visit both. :)

Off topic:

You know what sucks?! Geocities is closing down and there will be no free web hosting for yahoo... Huhuhu! All my files were uploaded there including all the smileys I used for this blog. So yeah, you can expect some broken links on this blog when Geocities totally closed down. And this will happen sometime in October. Seesh!

Some updates:

Nothing much is happening now. Just work and family and I am enjoying the best of both worlds.
Kylie is now into swimming and of course, Jay-ar and I are the ones who are really into it. Hehe. Work is not that hectic anymore but soon more work will come. And yeah, I almost forgot to mention... I feel homesick. Am missing the Philippines and I hope it is December already.

That's all actually. Told yah, nothing much is happening. Catch yah on FB! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hang On...

I will be back soon my dear blog... :)