Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quickie One

I was inspired to do a quick post while reading new updates from lui's blog. So here I am doing a quick one at work.

I am working again. Yes, same company (HP), different project, different teammates, different location, different client but same boss. I started working again last Aug 16 and so far so good. My office location is about 5-10 mins by taxi from my place. So far, this project is not as hectic as my last project in another client and I really really really hope that it will stay that way.

Kylie is now 3.5 months and she's getting cuter and lovelier each day. I am glad I have a baby now. It really changed a real good deal of things in my life and these changes made me a better me. I am now more inspired in doing things and seeing her smile literally takes away all the negative things around me. She's a real angel.

Next Sunday will be Kylie's baptismal here in KL. We initially planned to have her baptized in the Philippines when we go home this coming December but she will be 8 months by then. Since in our norm (Catholics), the younger the child is, the better, we have decided to have her baptized here then another one in December in PH with our friends and families. There will just be a small get together in our place after her baptismal here in KL to have a small celebration.

Well, I guess that's it so far.. Nothing much is happening. And btw, I am now on facebook... Hehehe! I’d like to play some of the apps there like FarmVille or MafiaWars but I’m afraid to get addicted and will have no time for Kylie so I dare not to try it. So I just use FB to connect with friends and share pics. Hehehe!

Ta-ta for now!