Friday, February 29, 2008

All My Bags are Packed And I am Ready to Go

Tonight @ 11:30, Jay-ar and I will be going to Singapore because today is the last day that I am allowed to stay in Malaysia. My employment pass with my previous company is only until today and my employment pass with HP is still not yet ready. So I need to exit to Singapore and be back here in Malaysia by Sunday to get another allowed one month stay here. I just hope I will not have any problems in the immigration.

With regard to work... aside from the fact that I am deployed in a remote area and that my teammates are the most workaholic people that I have ever encountered in my entire life, all the rest are okay. In just 2 weeks, I am now starting to do some real work with the team. I wish I can learn the system and the project as fast as possible. My boss is pressuring me to catch up fast. As if!

Will post SG pics and updates soon! For now, got to go... Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

And because I am sooo tamad to make kwento, lots of pictures na lang taken from the events that happened in my life from previous months like SG and MY trips with my family, VILLMA get together, Redbox with FCS Officemates, Dad's Bday Celeb, etc. etc. The links on the captions will take you directly to the respective albums in my multiply site. Hope you enjoy viewing the pictures and even if I don't make wento, the pictures will be the ones that will do that for me. Hehehe! ENJOY!

Orchard @ Singapore. Click HERE for more pics.

Sentosa, Singapore with Family. Click HERE and HERE for more photos.

That's it folks. Hope you enjoy the pictures! More pictures to come sooon. Mwah!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pre-Nuptial Photos Taken At La Mesa Eco Park

Just click the image for larger view and click HERE and HERE for more of our pre-nuptial pictures. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life is funny, this and that way...

Who in the world went back home from her first day at work @ 9:30 pm?!

Present. That would be me *raising right hand*

Yeah folks. Yesterday was my first working day in HP Malaysia and I went back home at 9:30 pm. Think it will soon become a habit. Don't get me wrong though. In fairness to HP and to my boss, he did not give me a huge task on my first day that would made me went back home at that hour. It's just that the g*dforsaken client's location is too far from civilization. In other words, no taxi, far from the LRT station, no bus or any other public transpo and if I may add, no canteen slash cafeteria nearby. So I waited for my workaholic team lead to go home so he can drop me by the nearest LRT station. And yeah, he usually goes home at that hour.

You see, I was really devastated and/or heartbroken when I found out that I will not be reporting to HP office but to the client's site. The client would be the biggest Telco company in Malaysia and that office would be one of their data centers that's why the location is anything but accessible and convenient.

The whole team is based there so I cannot bail out.

And because of this, I need to cook my lunch every night and this is going to be all work and no play!

Off the topic.

I remember when I was a programmer, I really really wanted to be a systems analyst. I thought that their job was so easy and that all they need to do is to assign tasks to their programmers. How I wanted to be in my SA's shoes back then. And now that I have the chance to be the SA that I always wanted to be, I feel that I cannot do it. I realized now how difficult it is to be an SA and how I wish that I am still a programmer just waiting a task from my SA. Ang hirap hirap pala. Can I do this? God, please help me.

Off the topic number two.

You know what's pressure? It is when a big company hired you and was so impressed by your interview, exams and resume during your assessment process and thought that you are really good when in fact you are not "that" good. And in return, they give you a major role and a "nationwide" [not just a enterprise wide] project. And your boss will tell you that "I have high expectations on you" and that you just want to commit suicide because if you do not do that then your nervousness will be the one that will kill you. Now that's pressure!

I really don't know how will I survive this. All I know is that I should must keep on trying. Ang yabang ko kasi, gusto ko ng mas challenging na trabaho? Ayan ang napala mo!

Oh well, life is really funny, this and that way!

Got to go now... Another long day for me to survive tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! :]

10 Scientifically-Sound Tips to Improve Lovelife...:)

1. Ladies, don't show your IQ. Guys admire smart girls, but they don’t marry them. If your BF’s car broke down and you repaired it, that’s a blow to his ego. Guys are secretly afraid, too, that they can’t get away with their vices with a very smart girl. So, ladies, play it smart or, rather, play it dumb.

2. Find a complementary mate. If you’re a bookish person, you’d like to marry a street-smart guy. If the girl has an average IQ, she’d like to marry an intelligent guy. According to Leil Lowndes, author of wonderful book How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You, we instinctively look for somebody who complements our weakness. In fact, studies show that dominant firstborns get along well with baby-like last-borns (their personalities mix well). This will bloom into a strong partnership later. Hence, showing what you have that the other lacks can make you attractive to the opposite sex.

3. Smile. Studies (yes, studies) have shown that the most effective way to attract the opposite sex is to smile. In a study of 750 encounters between men and women, 56 percent of conversations were initiated by smiling. Flipping the hair for ladies, and taking the direct approach came in second and third in effectivity.

4. Be helpful and generous. I know that helping may not be your thing, but nobody likes stingy and thrifty guys. Buy her take-home snacks. Volunteer to help in her work. Do errands for her. Who says you can’t mix work and courting?

5. Look near, not far. Again, studies show that the average distance between the homes of future couples is less than five blocks. That means your soul mate is just lurking within walking distance from your home right now. Forget about long-distance affairs. They’re tedious and prone to get intercepted by enterprising girls.

6. Don’t date a model. Unless you look like Richard Gomez, leave the Lucy Torreses alone. Studies show that most happy couples are about equal or come close in physical attractiveness. Be honest. Look at yourself in the mirror and rate yourself from 1 to 10. If you’re a 6-boy, you should only aim for an 8-girl at most. Look around, 75 percent of couples rank within two points on the attractiveness scale. An average-looking 5-guy shouldn’t go for a 9 or a 10-girl. It’s not possible and doesn’t portend a happy marriage later.

Of course, there are exceptions that tilt the balance: being rich, being influential, or having some other outstanding quality. If an old balding guy is walking with his young and pretty wife, what instantly crosses your mind? That guy is probably filthy rich. Or if you see a handsome guy with an average-looking girl, wow, she must have a nice personality! These are the exceptions but all in all, the attributes balance out.

7. Consider marrying someone in your line of work. In my experience, most doctors end up marrying a doctor. The belief is that it’s difficult for a layperson to understand the doctor’s lifestyle. Being called in the middle of the night and canceling family affairs due to an emergency can put a strain on a marriage. The same is true with other professions. It could be advantageous to marry someone in the same profession as yours.

8. Ladies, marry before 30. Factoid for ladies: The farther from graduation, the lower are your chances of marrying. Look around and see the multitude of unmarried ladies in their 30s. Even if you have a steady boyfriend, you’re still not safe. Ladies can easily lose their attractiveness during years of hard work.

And when you’re pushing 30, suddenly you’re competing for your BF’s attention with 21-year-olds. My advice: Tie your BF down. Threaten him if you must. Ask support from your parents and marry early. You can earn later. Sorry, but there’s no space for the many sob stories of ladies who lost their BFs to fresher competition.

For guys, your options are open.

Guys are lucky in that as they get older, their stature, confidence, and attractiveness grow. That is why most guys, especially professionals, find it easier to find a partner as they reach middle age. In fact, many Filipinos find a mate even after they’re married! Just the same, I would advise guys to plan (and commit) early.

9. Pray that you find the right one. To our readers, no need to be so choosy when finding a mate. Don’t look for a perfect person. There isn’t one. God, however, has a plan for you. Pray for the angels and the cupids to open your mind and heart. Your future partner could be the person seated beside you right now.

For me, loyalty, honesty, and diligence are good enough already. The money and the good looks you can work out later.

10. Lastly, there is always blessed singleness if one misses the boat. Anyway, there are lots of advocacies and projects lined up to fill your time. But never say never. A relative of mine postponed her marriage to her BF when she was 30. Then, 25 years later, she reunited with her long-lost BF (still single and now 55) and they finally tied the knot.