Friday, November 19, 2010


HP7 Pt 1

I was expecting more from the movie. For me, something is missing, I did not see much action. It's more of the story-telling part of the book. But maybe they are saving the best for last. I'm sure Part 2 will be much better and HP movie series will end with a bang! After all, they only got one Hocrux in this part. More to come on Part 2. :)

I just wish I have read again the book before watching the movie. I've forgotten some details already. It's not surprising tho, It has been 3 yrs since Deathly Hallows was released. 3 years have passed already!

Oh well, I'll just make sure I've read the book again before Part 2.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Say What?!

‎1. Go to Google Maps.
2. Go to "Get Directions".
3. Type Taiwan as the start location.......
4. Type China as the end location.
5. Read STEP 24 of the directions................

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is as far as I can remember...

2003 - Graduated from college (i just gave away my age like that!), got accepted on my first job (VB programmer).

2004 – Got accepted at Sunlife (enjoyed working there) and stayed there for 3 years

2005 – My ex-boyfriend (coz he’s my hubby now) left to work abroad

2006 – I got married (civil), went to Phuket, Thailand.

2007 – I sadly left Sunlife to work abroad and be united with my hubby

2008 – I left my 1st company here and joined HP, my whole family had a vacation here, I was married again (with the same guy) but this time in the church. I got pregnant!!!

2009 – I gave birth to the most wonderful human being in this universe!

2010 – We bought our first car here, went to Langkawi, Malaysia

2011 – I will win the jackpot prize in either lotto or toto

Monday, November 15, 2010


Is a holiday in this side of the world. Will be off then to cinema for some Harry Potter lovin'. Tonight, hubby wants me to join him for a jogging. Am a bit lazy (or just plain lazy) but my persistent hubby is insisting. So there...

He suddenly thought of dragging me to jog because every morning, he will call me to get out of bed several times before I can actually force my ass to get up. I also told him I am suffering from acute Dysania.

Me and my big mouth.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

And he won again!!!

Via unanimous decision. He is the greatest boxer IMO. :)

- from my iPhone

I just realized...

that when my baby reached 20 years old, I will be like 47 years old already! OMG!!! By 20 years old, she has just gone out of college and that is if she will only choose 4-yr courses. What if she wants to be a doctor or a lawyer?! In what age will I be when she finish schooling? Oh my! And she's our first child! What about our future children? Will I be like 55 years old already when they finish college?

There are pros and cons indeed when one had a baby at an early age. One of the pros is that you are still young when your kids already have their own, stable, career and family life. Like the case of my mom who got pregnant at the age of 18. The cons is that you wouldn't have much time to enjoy your own money, singlehood and carefree-ness because you have a family to sustain at such an early age.

As for my case, I did enjoy my financial independence and singlehood for quite a while (7 years to be exact). It was actually fun to earn your own money, which is all yours and to be responsible for only yourself. But the drawback is this - my retirement would have to wait a little longer than those people who had babies earlier than me.

I just wish God will give me and my hubby long life so that we can be able to stick around for quite a while to enjoy our children, our grandchildren and if we are luckier, our great grandchildren. :)

That would really be nice.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

That Dinner

Dinner was not that bad. Food was not that bad either. Well, it wasn't great but it was not bad.

I've met people from our team that I have never seen before, which is quite good. At least now, I am familiar with my team members. Bosses were there and there were awkward-dead-air-nothing-to-say moments but most of the time people were just laughing and talking and eating.

Generally, it went well and it was a good thing to have a team reunion like this once in a while.

By the way, I thought to take all the pictures of my buffet plates but i only manage to take photo of my 1st plate & totally forgot about the other plates. I call the first plate the "shy plate". :)

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I am ridiculously idle at work.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lunch @ My Desk

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Team Dinner

We'll be having a team dinner tonight @ Hilton Hotel. The place is a bit far from my office and it is actually a hassle to go there. But I am still attending because it is not right to say no to a free food :). My teammate said it's a buffet style dinner so I just hope food is good otherwise buffet style is no good. Let's see...

Something Random

Some things random about me:

1. I am impatient - i don't like this attitude but I don't know what/who made me like this. Though I am trying hard to change this but what the heck, you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Not that I'm saying I'm old but... oh well.

2. I like pink - i know I'm too old for that color (oh, why the heck am I emphasizing this?! nvm!) but I really think it's a nice color.

3. I always get even - well, not always but I do every time I get the chance *bwahahaha* (supposed to be evil laugh) so beware.

4. I love to shop but usually get guilty about it - I know right?! How stupid does that sound. I mean, I feel guilty because 'maybe' I'm a bit of a hoarder. I buy new stuff but does not want to let go of the old ones. Who would need 3 laptops and 3 mobile phones and still want to buy new ones?! I believe this is a disease that needs remedy badly!

5. I don't have sense of direction - I easily get lost. I have short term memory lost when it comes to directions. And I have a valid reason for being like this. My mom, sister and hubby are very very good with directions. My husband can go back to a place even if he has gone there for only once. When one is surrounded by this kind of people, it's either she adapt the same skill or she tends to depend on them and I decided to choose to be the latter. :)

6. I love cooking - especially when I cook something new and my tasters love it, I become more inspired to cook. I only learned cooking when I lived abroad because in this heck of woods, I had no maid to cook for me during my 1st few years here. Now that I have a baby and a nanny for my baby, the nanny will cook dinner for the hubby and me. Then weekends, I cook and try to cook new dishes.

7. I was a frustrated singer - because I like to sing and I wished that I had a good voice. But I think that thing was not really for me so I've moved on.

8. I am short-tempered - I think this one is a sister attitude of number 1. Same thing, don't like it but can't do anything about it.

9. There were few things that I've tried but never really finished - like teaching myself how to play a guitar, dad teaching me how to drive, a trainer teaching me how to play piano but I don't know how to do all these things anymore. When compared to a food, all these were just half-cooked.

10. I believe I am a tinker - I'm a bit resourceful and I like repairing things especially things at home. Sometimes, I even try to find a way to fix something that seemed irreparable.

There, some things to bore your day. I know it's not really interesting. Well, I am not really interesting but since this is my blog, you just have to bear. :)