Monday, April 28, 2008


I am not into blogging nowadays. I blame it on SIMS 2. But I really love that game. It's so time consuming, so enjoyable to play. Every night or every time I have some spare time, you can find me in front of my laptop playing SIMS 2. Anyway, here's a recap of what transpired these past few days:

1. My work is not that hectic anymore now that our project is in UAT phase. Though I heard that another project is coming so need to brace myself for that.

2. It was my mom's birthday last April 24. Happy Birthday ma! We love you so much!

3. Last weekend, Jay-ar and I were so busy.

Saturday: Jay-ar played basketball while I went to Redbox with my former officemates in FCS then we went to Time Square to play bowling. Then at night, we attended Jay-ar's company's annual dinner. We had a free laptop bag as a door price but we were not eligible to participate in the raffle coz we came in late. Too bad!

Sunday: Was a very tiring day. Never been so tired like this as far as I can remember. Our housemate left already so we got to move in to the master's bedroom. Even though it seems easy to move to another room, it's not. First we clean the whole room including the bathroom, then we move all our stuff and fix some things. Then we went to Mydin to buy other stuff that we need. Then I also clean the kitchen. We were so exhausted. Not to mention that both of us were lacking of sleep that time because the night before that, we slept already around 3 am due to our addictions (SIMS 2 and Hold'em Texas Poker). Hehehe! Tonight, we will have a new housemate. I just wish all of us will get along very well.

We also planned to watch two movies (Over Her Dead Body and Forbidden Kingdom) last weekend but due to our busyness we had no time, maybe we'll just do it this coming weekend or on Thursday, which is a holiday btw. Then we also plan to go to Sogo to buy bed sheets and other stuff and we also plan to clean some parts of the condo (we weren't able to finish last weekend)... We have lots of plan!!! Hehehe!

Anyway, I'm glad we had a productive weekend and wish to have the same this coming weekend (but not as tiring as last weekend!)... That's all for now. Bye bye...

Ps. Some pictures below were taken at Redbox and Time Square Ampang Bowling. For more pictures, click here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am soooo addicted to this!!!

And Jay-ar is sooo addicted to this...

In other words, walang tulugan! Hehehe! Side effect: Hindi na kami nag uusap ni Jay-ar sa bahay.. Hehehe! Chaka na lang ang wento... Bye for now!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mitsikoy and the Chipmunks

Last night, Jay-ar and I got to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and I loved it! Theodore was so adorable. I remembered my niece while watching the movie because his name is also Theodore and he is as adorable as the cutie chipmunk. Scratch that, he is MORE adorable! I know it's an old movie but we were not able to watch this in the cinema and only got the chance to watch it now. Thank you MiniNova.

* * *

We are now in the UAT phase of our project in HP. Aside from supporting users in their UAT, I will also be involved in the industry testing. We will test our system together with the other network operators in the entire Malaysia. I am so nervous about this because my TL will be on leave for 3 weeks during this industry testing so I will be on my own. People will approach me if they have questions regarding the system. So if there is something I do not know, I will be in big trouble! Oh well, I just hope no major disasters will happen during those times. If I will be lucky, no minor disasters as well. Pray for me please and wish me luck. I will be needing it... badly!

* * *

Tomorrow Jay-ar and I together with some friends will go to IKEA to window shop. Hahaha! We are going to eat at IKEA's resto and treat ourselves with IKEA's very (as in very) delicious meatballs. At night, we plan to eat at Fatty Crab. Yummy! There goes my diet again. Hehehe!

* * *

One thing that keeps me occupied nowadays, aside from my super hectic job is this (special thanks to the uploaders for uploading!). I really loved this when I was a kid and even until now, am still enjoying watching it. I used to be the Sailor Mars by the way & my sister was Chibi Moon. Hehehe! I had a Sailor Moon collection before that I passed down already to my younger sister. And now, that collection is a history. My sister didn't know how to take care of a precious treasure. The collection consisted of all the Sailor Moon stuff that you can think of! I really liked Sailor Mars because our traits are somewhat alike not to mention that we are both beautiful! Hahaha! I used to have long black hair as well and I like his power of fire. Oh well, those were the days. Hehehe!

That's all for this post. Got to go now and watch Episode 11 of Sailor Moon. Ciao.