Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love Agency

One thing I have learned from my Indian officemates is that in India, there is such a thing as love agency where in one who is ready or wants to get married already could sumbit his or her credentials/resume to the said agency. Now, if another person is also ready to commit, he or she can just go to the same love agency and find someone who gets his/her interest and who is of course in accordance of his/her standards.

The founder can contact the foundee for them to meet and if everything is okay with and for each other then they have found their partner.

Now, in India, the ones who will usually look for someone's partner would be their parents. This is where arrange marriage comes into the picture. But before anyone starts to raise an eyebrow, this arrange marriage is starting to change little by little. If before, they cannot say no to who ever their parents choose for them, now Indians can do that already especially those who are in the city and "educated".

I just find this piece of information interesting. I wonder if the same would be implemented in the Philippines, I bet there would be fewer single ladies and gents and those with high standards could easily pick from the list of people in the love agency. The question now is whether the person they pick would also pick them. LOL.

Interesting huh?!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

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